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Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Each year Wabanaki Health and Wellness holds events in the Bangor area to raise awareness of suicide in our communities and to honor and remember those who are no longer with us.

In collaboration with Wabanaki Public Health, Wabanaki Health and Wellness hosts events under the Kcitpahsuwet Program. Kcitpahsuwet, meaning “Sacred Light Star” in the Maliseet language, focuses on the prevention of suicide amongst Wabanaki youth. We seek to “help Wabanaki people shine their brightest” by providing supports to help community members talk about suicide while providing opportunities for youth to take pride in and engage with their cultures.

In 2019, Wabanaki Health and Wellness worked with language carriers to create a daily prayer for Wabanaki community members to help ground them. Though only translated in Passamaquoddy at this point in time, Wabanaki Health and Wellness will work with each Wabanaki community to have version available in their dialects.


Kcitpahsuwet Prayer

Written by Natalie Michelle
Translated by Dwayne Tomah and Brenda Dana Lozada
Recorded by Joan Dana

Wicuhkemin wecihc kisi…kikuhuki
Help me so that I can heal myself

Wicuhkemin wecihc kisi…kinapitahasi
Help me so that I will have courage.

Wicuhkemin wecihc kisi…nulitahamsi
Help me so that I can value myself

Wicuhkemin wecihc kisi…nulankeyasi
Help me so that I could take good care of myself

Wicuhkemin wecihc kisi…molihkikoni
Help me so that I can be strong

Wicuhkemin wecihc kisi…nulankeyutom niwesq
Help me so that I could nurture my spirit

Wicuhkemin wecihc kisi…woli pomusi
Help me so that I could walk in a good way